Unexpected expected things

Shannon Larratt has hit his dead-man switch.

If I hadn’t stumbled over BME in the mid-to-late nineties, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wonder how many other people are the same. I’d probably still be tattooed, still be socially aware, but I wouldn’t have had that crucial exposure to body modification, spirituality, self-determination, transhumanism, body dysmorphia or cultural traditions. An exposure that shaped so much about me, not just emotionally/personally, but had informed my academic processes, my social awareness and my politics at a really fundamental level.

To quote Marisa, over at Needles & Sins:

“Shannon had faith in people, especially people for whom society treated with little respect.”

I am grateful that some of his faith flowed into me.

I realised today that I’ve ‘known’ Larratt longer than my partner, my best friends. I say ‘known’ because as incredibly open as he was, as generous and informative as he was, we couldn’t have shared more than a few emails back and forth more than a decade ago. But his writings informed so much of my approach to life that I feel totally bereft.

We truly have lost an amazing person, a writer, a thinker, an activist in so much more than just the body mod scene.

Vale Shannon.


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